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Preparing an Asbestos Management Plan for a business

If your workplace was built before December 31, 2003, you need to be aware of the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Older buildings built in the mid-1980s until late of 1990s are likely to contain ACMs.

Asbestos management plan Port Macquarie

ACM had been massively used in the past for residential, commercial and industrial constructions. The effect of its use causes older properties being installed with materials containing hazardous fibres. Incidents in commercial or public buildings related to fibrous materials keep on increasing. From housing to schools even hospitals, all were affected by the presence of fibrous materials.

The increasing numbers of incidents required our awareness. If you are the person in charge of managing or controlling a workplace, and aware that the building was constructed before the 1990s, you need to prepare an asbestos management plan (AMP).

Why do You Need an AMP?

Building installed with materials containing health-risking fibres is like having a time-bomb hidden beneath. It only needs a single trigger to create a disaster. So does the case with ACMs. If you do not manage that toxic material within your building, sooner or later it will prompt a deadly health risk. That is the urgency of having a plan, to minimise all the possible risks.

What is the importance of having an AMP?

AMP is a documented outline used to manage ACMs in a structure, building or in contaminated waste and soil.  It is mostly used by a building controller to help in the avoidance of exposure to dangerous fibres to building occupants as well as the public.

The plan has to:

  • Determine persons responsible for any incidents.
  • Encompass decisions related to the management of fibrous materials.
  • Check the possible location of materials containing dangerous fibres.
  • Include procedures for thorough removals.
  • Set up a schedule for action that includes priorities.
  • Be updated with all related information.
  • Be revised periodically or when it is requested.
  • Include steps on how to manage and control risks.

The AMP is linked to Asbestos Register that gives details information related to the location of suspected or any recognised fibrous materials and an assessment of risk based on the location and condition of the materials.

Having the register will help the contractors who work on the site being aware of spots where they can find products containing harmful fibres to take necessary precautions. Therefore, they can avoid any risk in the future. All workplace is required to have the register and it must be annually updated.  To get the register, first, you will need to do an inspection and testing.

Recognising the ACM

Identifying any product containing dangerous fibres cannot be done just by looking directly at the object. Its size makes it impossible to be visible to the naked eyes. The only possible method for recognising the fibre is by putting it under the microscope. Inspection and testing needed to be done to ensure whether or not a building is installed with ACMs.

There are two types of ACM commonly used in construction:

  • Friable means any product containing fibrous materials, and it can easily be crushed or reduced to a powder by a pressure of hand when it is dry. The example of products of these types may include pipe lagging, sprayed insulation, boiler insulation and fire retardant material on steel work.
  • Non-friable (bonded) means any product containing fibrous materials other than friable type. It is made from a mix of cement with a small amount of ACMs. Common names for theses products are fibro, asbestos cement and AC sheeting. It was used mostly for roofing, ceiling sheets, walls, vinyl floor tiles and fences.

Note that over time the non-friable material can change into friable, for examples:

  • When AC sheeting has been crushed, it can release its fibres
  • When AC sheeting has been weathered from a long exposure to sun and rain or hit by natural disaster such as Typhoon, it poses high risk for health for it contains high concentration of ACM

What ACM may be found in workplaces, including:

  • Roof with corrugated AC roof cladding
  • Underside of AC roof cladding
  • Corrugated AC roof cladding
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Gasket
  • Damaged and exposed pipe lagging
  • Fire rated door
  • Switchboard panel
  • Insulation in an electrical fuse housing
  • Detached rope seal and remnant debris on duct
  • Unfixed a pipe lagging

Port Macquarie asbestos management plan

Preparing an AMP

The First step for preparing an AMP is to have an inspection conducted by a certified assessor. The inspection is required if a workplace is suspected of hazardous fibres or before demolition work. The purpose is to:

  • Identify the location
  • Report the type of substance found and the potential disturbance
  • Set up accessibility and quantity
  • Prepare methods on performing remedial works.

The inspection process is dangerous that is why DIY is not strongly recommended. There are many requirements to be fulfilled for DIY, for example having protective kits. Also, the process has to be done in compliance with strict regulations.

The process involves a visual inspection of the area, which then followed by a collection of samples and inclusive analysis. The collected samples are put into sealed plastic bags and labelled and then send to a NATA accredited laboratory for sampling analysis.  If the ACMs are found on the construction, conducting assessments of risks are also necessary.

The regular review of ACM inspection and survey should be also planned in the AMP. Usually, the review will be done annually or if a serious disturbance occurred that poses a serious health risk. The plan is also needed to include procedures for any working process that might disturb the materials.

A Professional for Asbestos Management Plan Port Macquarie Services

If you are responsible for managing and controlling an older construction, having an AMP is really important. The safety of the individuals in the building is in your hand. We would like to introduce you to Asbestos Management Plan Port Macquaire Service. The service will help you establish a proper management plan.

How to Use the Service?

It is quite easy. Asbestos Watch Port Macquaire will help you to get in touch with a professional contractor that knows how to perform Asbestos Management Plant Port Macquaire Services. We have been selected qualified contractors that have obtained certification and followed hours of training for conducting the jobs related to asbestos.

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