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Dangerous Sign of Asbestos in Houses

Before the mid-1980s, asbestos roofing, fencing, and guttering were popular building products among other asbestos-containing material products. There are more than 3000 different asbestos products, including gutters, roofs, fibro, flue pipes, gaskets, clutches and brakes. Of all of the countries in the world, Australia was one of the highest users of this asbestos material till the mid-1980s.

The asbestos mineral is recognised for its unique quality. It is famous for its flexibility, known for its heat resistance, insulating properties and tensile strength as well as for fire proofing that insulate various properties; from houses to commercial constructions. The material is mixed with cement or woven into a fabric.

In contrast to its benefits, asbestos has been proven to pose health risks. When the fibres are inhaled, they remain in lungs and may generate a disease. To make things worse, the symptoms will not develop instantly, instead they will appear years later, up to 20 to 30 years from the initial exposure. This is why, on December 31, 2003, asbestos was fully banned ending it’s life as a common building material.

The full ban does not stop incidents related to asbestos from happening because buildings constructed before the 1990s are still affected by their presence. In addition, some contractors were found to still be using cheap illegal asbestos products supplied from China.


Identifying any product containing asbestos cannot be done just by looking directly at the object. Its tiny size makes it impossible to be visible to the naked eyes. Inspection and testing needs to be done to ensure whether or not a building is installed with asbestos.

There are two types of asbestos commonly used in construction:

  • Friable means any product containing asbestos materials, and it can easily be crushed or reduced to a powder by a pressure of the hand when it is dry. The example of products of these types may include pipe lagging, sprayed insulation, boiler insulation and fire retardant material on steel work.
  • Non-friable (bonded) means any product containing asbestos materials other than friable type. It is made from a mix of cement with a small amount of Asbestos. Common names for theses products are fibro, asbestos cement (AC) and asbestos cement sheeting. It was used mostly for roofing, ceiling sheets, walls, vinyl floor tiles and fences.

Note that over time the non-friable material can change into friable, for examples:

  • When AC sheeting has been crushed, it can release fibres
  • When AC sheeting has been weathered from a long exposure to sun and rain or hit by natural disaster such as a Typhoon, it poses a high risk to your health for it contains high concentration of asbestos

If you know that your property contains those life threatening material, don’t panic. Contact asbestos removal Port Macquarie to save the life of your family. Always be smart and be safe.

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Our Asbestos Testing Port Macquarie Team are ready to assist you with your testing project. Through Asbestos Watch Port Macquarie, you will be assisted by the team that have a certification for performing jobs related to friable or non-friable products.

Our Asbestos Testing Port Macquarie Team are available to help you solve your problems for testing any suspect materials in buildings.

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What we can promise you is that for every service that you request, you will get a value priced quote, promptly! 

As for disposal, it will be done by our Asbestos Testing Port Macquarie Team in compliance with the requirements from the local authority. A clean and safe disposal is what our Asbestos Testing Port Macquarie Team can assure you.

If your main priority is the safety of your family, the only thing to do is to contact our Asbestos Testing Port Macquarie Team. For the future of you and your whole family, get reliable asbestos testing services through our Asbestos Testing Port Macquarie Team now.

All works will be conducted in compliance with the Australian and Queensland regulations. You will receive a written report once the testing is completed, direct to your email inbox. Don’t hesitate! Get your 100% free quote today by contacting our Asbestos Testing Port Macquarie Team!

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