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Many contractors offer the best solution for your problem with asbestos materials, but only contractors with an A-class licence are authorised to remove friable asbestos. Our specialised team are fully A-class licensed and authorised to remove both friable and non-friable asbestos.

  • Our asbestos remediation staff are the best in the field with years of experience in performing works with asbestos material in industrial, commercial and residential premises.
  • The licence and the certification they have, prove our staff have followed hours of training and can assure all procedures of asbestos removal and testing are in compliance with the local and national regulations.
  • Our professional team members are available to help you with the process of asbestos removal, testing, and decontamination.
  • For every excellent service, you will receive competitive and value prices. Not to mention that you can ask for a free and non obligation quote to get the latest information about our service prices.

If you need some assistance for asbestos removal jobs, contacting our team will ensure you a clean and safe solution. Dial the number now!

Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our asbestos testing Port Macquarie. Always be smart and be safe.

Asbestos Removal Port Macquarie

Be aware of asbestos presence

Millions of houses in Australia are still haunted by the existence of asbestos-containing materials. Older homeowners have to accept the fact that asbestos products were installed in every part of their houses.

Houses with Asbestos Products are:

  • Older houses built before the mid-1980s – houses built in this span of time have a high possibility of being installed with materials containing hazardous asbestos.
  • Houses built in between the 1980s until the end of 1990s – houses constructed during these years are also likely to contain some asbestos products.

For houses built after 1990, the chance of encountering asbestos materials within your home is small as all asbestos-related products have been banned since 31st of December 2003. However, there is still a possibility that they could be installed in your home if the developers used asbestos imported products such as the recent case with the Perth Children’s Hospital. 

The Use of Asbestos

There are two types of asbestos, friable and non-friable materials. Friable products have generally been used in industrial and commercial premises since the late 1800s for various uses, such as soundproofing, insulation and fireproofing. Friable asbestos products could also be found in houses built just prior to 1990. 

In the 1920s asbestos cement materials were first manufactured in Australia. They were generally used in residential building material production since the mid-1940s until the end of 1980s.

Asbestos Products in Residential Property

  1. Internal

    • Ceiling tiles
    • Partition wall
    • Asbestos cement water tank
    • Loose fill insulation
    • Patterned decorative coating
    • Interior window panel
    • Airing cupboard
    • Bath panel
    • Toilet seat and cistern
    • Vinyl floor tiles
    • Pipe lagging
  2. External

    • Asbestos cement roof
    • Roofing felt
    • Asbestos cement panels
    • Gutters and asbestos cement downpipes
    • Exterior window panel
    • Asbestos walls in houses

After the 1940s until 1980s, Australia manufactured many asbestos walls. The related walls were used due to their heat and moisture resistance and fireproofing qualities. The walls mostly found in:

  • External cladding
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Garages

How to Deal Damaged Asbestos Materials: Remove or Repair?

When you find damaged asbestos materials in your property, the available options are to remove or repair. The solution has to be calculated based on the possibility of cantamination. If the damage could cause the asbestos to become airborne, the best option is to remove the materials.

Repair is chosen for minor damage only. However, minor damage, if it is not well taken care of immediately, will also cause a bigger problem by way of contamination. In the end, it can also cost you more, first for the repair and then removal due to the unsuccessful repair.

If you put safety as your first priority, the asbestos removal job is better be left to the licensed professional. The Port Macquarie Team are the professionals for the job as they have the competency to perform in a safe and proper manner.

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Asbestos Watch Port Macquarie is here to help you with every asbestos problem. Leave your worry to us, we provide a wide range of asbestos removal, testing, and decontamination services at competitive prices. Our Asbestos Removal Port Macquarie Team are licensed to deliver jobs across every commercial and residential level. 

So, do you need to solve your asbestos problems? Our Asbestos Removal Port Macquarie Team deliver all works according to the current regulations. Get connected with our Asbestos Removal Port Macquarie Team right away. Your safety is our priority thus leave your worry to our Asbestos Removal Port Macquarie Team!

Our Asbestos Removal Port Macquarie Team strive to provide flexible solutions in demanding situations. When it comes to asbestos removal, it is best to contact Asbestos Watch Port Macquarie. Our Asbestos Removal Port Macquarie Team provide excellent services at value prices. Contact us to get more information about our services. Don't forget to request a free quote to get our latest service prices.

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